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Radio Times Christmas 1946 - BBC CHRISTMAS TV 1946 Listings



  Christmas Eve Tuesday 24th December 1946 


11.00am  Demonstration film

12.10pm  Closedown

  3.00pm  Arms and the Man
by Bernard Shaw

  4.45pm  Closedown

  8.30pm  Alice in Wonderland
some of her adventures, by Lewis Carroll

  9.10pm  Variety

10.00pm  News
(sound only)

10.10pm  Closedown

  Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 1946


  3.00pm  The King speaks to his people

                  (sound only)

  3.10pm  Christmas in Children's Hospital,
                 visit to Queen Elizabeth`s Hospital, Hackney

  4.00pm  Closedown

  8.30pm  Starlights

  9.00pm  Christmas Night
a fantasy based on Dickens' A Christmas Carol,
                  with a ballet and music by Vaughan Williams

10.00pm  News
                  (sound only)

10.10pm  Closedown

  Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 1946


  2.00pm  Bertram Mills Circus 
                  the first of four television visits to Olympia

  2.30pm  Film

  3.00pm  Children's Party
                  Children in the studio invite you to enjoy with them games and songs, conjuring and tricks, puppets
                  and balloons.

                  Uncle Harry Hudson presides over the revels, and the artists include Annette Mills and Ann Hogarth,
                  Tony Bransom, and Charles Cole

  4.00pm  Closedown

  8.30pm   Bertram Mills Circus
                   A further visit to Olympia

  9.00pm   Hay Fever
by Noel Coward

10.30pm   News
(sound only)

10.40pm  Closedown

This is a 1946 Christmas Classic tv video from Castle Films and titled "The Night Before Christmas". We hope you enjoy the video and as always thanks so much for watching