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Radio Times Cover Christmas 1937 - BBC CHRISTMAS TV 1937



  Christmas Eve Friday 24th December 1937


  3.00pm  Coffee-Stall 
(Christmas edition)
                  a light entertainment with Cyril Nash , S. E. Reynolds , Josh Cairns

  3.20pm  British Gaumont News

  3.30pm  Jack Payne with his Band
                 and Art Gregory, Patricia Rossborough, Billy Scott-Coomber, Teddie Foster, Marjorie Stedeford

  4.00pm  Closedown

  9.00pm  Irene Prador 
                  in songs, accompanied by Evel Burns

  9.05pm  '... Drew The Pictures'
                  Nicolas Bentley worries Robert Hartman

  9.20pm  British Movietone News

  9.30pm  Jack Payne with his Band
                  (as 3.30pm)

10.00pm  Closedown

  Christmas Day Saturday 25th December 1937 


11.00am  Film for Demonstration Purposes

12.00        Closedown 

  3.00pm  The King's Message 
                  (sound only)

  3.05pm  The Rev Pat McCormick DSO
                 When the late Dick Sheppard resigned the living of St. Martin-in-the-Fields through ill-health in 1927,
                 Pat McCormick took on and succeeded in the difficult task of carrying on a fine tradition. He has given
                 many ' sound ' broadcasts, but his Christmas message to viewers today marks his first appearance in

  3.10pm  Charles Heslop in comedy and Irene Prador in Viennese songs

  3.30pm  Mr Gillie Potter

  3.40pm  Musical Farmer
                  cartoon film

  3.45pm  Alice in Wonderland
                 produced by George More O'Ferrall, with Ursula Hanray as Alice

  4.15pm  Closedown

  9.00pm  Music Hall Cavalcade 
                  (Stars of Yesterday and Today) with George Mozart, Marie Kendall, Charles Lee, Daisy Dormer,
                  Tom Leamore, Lizzie Collins, Sable Fern, and Talbot O'Farrell , Walter Williams , Emile Boreo.
                  Chairman : 
George Benson. The Old Couple: Una Venning and Fewlass Llewellyn.
                  The Orchestra under Musical Director Hyam Greenbaum

10.00pm  Closedown

  Sunday 26th December 1937 


  No programmes

  Boxing Day Monday 27th December 1937 


11.00am  Film for Demonstration Purposes

12.00       Close

  3.00pm  Cartoon film: Hunting Season

  3.05pm  Hansel and Gretel
                 The story of Hansel and Gretel: a masque to the music of Humperdinck: choreography by Andree  Howard.
                 The BBC Television Orchestra, leader Boris Pecker, conductor Hyam Greenbaum.
                 Production by Stephen Thomas
                 The actors : Gretel- Muriel Pavlow. Hansel — Jean Haines. The Mother-Lilla Healing.
                 The Father — Alured Weigall. The Witch - H. D. C. Pepler. The singers : Jane Vowles, Charlotte Leigh,
                 Edith Coates, Bernard Ross, Vivienne Chatterton.
                 The dancers led by Andree Howard. A section of the BBC Singers

  3.55pm  British Movietone News

  4.00pm  Closedown

  9.00pm  Russell Swann

   9.10pm  Starlight

  9.20pm  Gaumont British News

  9.30pm   Television's First Grand Children's Pantomime : Dick Whittington and His Cat
                   Book by Arthur Askey 
                   Ensembles arranged by Carrie Graham 
                   Ballets arranged by Quentin Tod 
                   Scenery designed by Peter Bax 
                   Emperor of Morocco.....Cyril Fletcher 
                   Full Chorus and Augmented Orchestra under the direction of Hyam Greenbaum 

                   entire production by Reginald Smith

10.00pm  Closedown   

  Tuesday 28th December 1937 (Bank Holiday)  


11.00am   Demonstration Film

12.00        Close

  3.00pm  Lisa Minghetti 


   3.10pm  Russell Swann

  3.20pm  Gaumont British News

  3.30pm  The Old Lady Shows Her Medals  
                  a play by JM Barrie, directed by Moultrie R Kelsall,
                  with Isobel Jamieson, Jack Lambert, Margery Phipps-Walker, Ethel Ramsay,
                  Frances Waing and J Fisher White

  4.00pm  Close

  9.00pm  The Viennese Singing Sisters

   9.10pm  British Movietone News

   9.20pm  The Ghost Train 

                   by Arnold Ridley, produced by Jan Bussell, with Don Gemmell,
Laura Smithson, Clifford Bean, Philip Thornley, Joan Lawson, Rani Waller, Daphne
                   Riggs, John Counsell, Arthur Young, Hugh Dempster, Alex McCrindle & SE Reynolds

10.00pm  Closedown